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Maserati MCGT4 European GT

We are the homologated supplier for the exhaust silencers for Maserati MCGT4 cars from 2016 onwards.

Ginetta G55 GT3 British GT

In 2016 we redesigned and fabricated the exhausts for the Ginetta factory team, to manage the heat better, and also add performance.
After this was successful, we were commisioned to design and fabricate the manifolds for a new Chevrolet v8 engine in 2017.
Other Ginetta projects include the Century Motorsport G55 which went on to win the Dubai 24hr in 2015.

Tomei Nissan British and European F3 

We were involved with this project from the start in 2012 through 2013 before the engine rule change.
We designed and manufactured all exhaust components.
It achieved great success, topping the speed traps at Monza in its first official test. Going on to get the first FIA European F3 race win for a Japanese engine manufacturer at the Nurburgring, and p4 at Macau in 2013.

Artline F3

We were the exhaust manufacturers for this radical idea to bring a new car into FIA F3 and rival the dallaras.
The design of the exhaust was customer spec, and we 3d printed the pipes from cad drawings to make our jigs.
The tailpipe location was very revolutionary, in between rear wing elements, and eventually refused a homologation.
After a decent showing on its debut, the project was cancelled. 

Top Gear Hyundai I20

This was an interesting project for Top Gear Magazine, and we were commissioned by the car builders 586 Group, to design and make a full exhaust including equal length manifold.
We also made the inlet manifold for the Jenvey throttle bodies.
The car was entered into the 2014 Wales Rally GB, and won it's class. 

Colin Mcraes Metro 6R4

We were delighted to see and be able to work on this car, as rallied by Colin in Donegal in 2006.
The bracketry supporting the silencers on 6R4s can be problematic and put too much load on the locating points.
We made a new pair of repackable silencers, with altered pipe routing, and then redesigned and fabricated new brackets.

Mugen Honda Neil Brown 'NBE' British F3 Class B 2012

After a rule change, all class B cars were running the older Mugen engines from 2012 onwards.
They had to have new exhausts made to fit the newer car, and we were commissioned by T-Sport to make systems for their cars.
Following dyno test approval from NBE we became the sole supplier of all NBE F3 Mugen exhausts.
With the Tomei Class A exhausts made by us as well, we made full systems for the majority of cars on the British F3 grid in 2012.

Tim Harvey Sierra RS500

This iconic car was a great pleasure to work on.
We manufactured a full system with a mid mounted silencer to pass newer noise regs, an unfortunate but apparently necessary aspect of modern racing.

Taranis by MacG Racing

The first time PTR and MacG racing crossed paths was at a britcar race in 2011.
Since then we have completely redesigned the exhaust and have watched the team develop the car beyond recognition under the skin.
It has taken on a new name to reflect the revolution, despite outwardly looking similar to another sportscar which spawned the project.
Coming from the back of the grid to overall P2 in its last Britcar outing of 2017 shows the level of potential they have realised.

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